The company has been particip-ating actively in various social projects in health, educations. The project is designed to inclu de cost efficiency and afforability for rural end-users and local.
Company Profile  
Envisioning Co. Ltd., a Cambodian local company, was established in 2002 to provide social services including researches, project management, and supplies to contribute to economic development during the social transition stage. The company has been participating actively in various social projects in health, educations, agricultures and rural business development. The company has good relation with all relevant key stakeholders and demonstrated remarkable competencies to all clients and donors (EC, World Bank, and ADB). Summary of relevant projects:

  • Income restoration training program
  • Water supplies and sanitation
  • Health Researches
  • Supplies of various type of agricultural inputs to EC/ECOSORN
  • Supplies of fertilizers to Ministry of Economy and Finance/ADB
  • Supplies of medical Equipment to Ministry of Health/ADB/&WB
  • Supplies of school furniture

So far, the company has participated in the improvement of more than 100 schools, around 20 referral hospitals and few hundred health centers in the entire Kingdom of Cambodia. Our workforce capacity has been improved gradually, they are enthusiasm, energetic, and participative in all project development programs.

We are proud to be among the fastest growing on professional trading market, in particular, in tendering projects. The acquired knowledge through experience curve continues to strengthen our capacity toward greatest achievement in the years to come.

One of the most successful income restoration strategies was “Self-Help Group” associated with micro-finance in Stung Chinit irrigation project. Lessons learnt and key challenges in community participation in income restoration program were cultural barriers (attitude and behavior of villagers toward change of method of production and business networks) and technical and financial support to agricultural production and micro-business.

Our most successful in trading services are in the field of medical equipment and medical supplies and furniture and tools for schools.

We are now investing in manufacturing of various types of plastic products ranging from water pipes, water tanks, septic tanks, plastic school furniture, and other plastic relate products.
Increase value to the society through a cutting edge development approach. A single effort we spent is for our society.

To provide most competitive services to our honorable Clients, individuals, entities, and group of societies.

To build professional market to earn fairness income for growth and sustainability.

Create jobs through continued increase production and maintain job satisfaction for prosperity.
To increase and maintain our sale transaction volumes in amount top five of each type of brand competitors.

Increase investment in local production to balance import/export to maintain domestic competitiveness.

To strengthen financial management at international standard level to be able to access large volume of financial resources for rapid business expansion.

Cost containment for regional competition of locally produced goods.

Decentralized business management units to allow them to provide quick response to the demands in their respective dynamic markets.

Scoping Businesses  
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Educational lab equipment and furniture
  • Agricultures inputs
  • Printing and Office Supplies

Consultant Services
  • Construction and design consultant
  • Environmental management consultant
  • Social Research and Study
  • Community Development and
  • Health and educational consultant

  • Plastic related products
  • Wood products
  • Fertilizers
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